Technology Overview


Taking the lead in infectious disease diagnostics

“C-Bio-Technologies see what others can’t!”

C-Bio-Tech has developed a unique technology and expertise in the field of diagnostics enabling ultra-sensitive detection of infectious diseases.  This is a unique sample processing platform technology that captures pathogenic agents, enabling drastic improvement in sensitivity as compared to traditional detection modalities.

This rapid, facile platform technology is fully validated and proven on a wide variety of pathogens (virus, bacteria, rickettsia, fungi, parasites and prions). It is agnostic to the pathogen detection/identification system and enhances the sensitivity over other conventional tests.

C-Bio-Tech provides unique sample preparation that readily integrates upstream of diagnostic detection methods:

  • For ultra-sensitive detection of pathogens (including bacteria Gram + or Gram - as well as viruses enveloped or not, fungi, parasites, prions).
  • For purifying samples from potential contaminants or any interfering materials for diagnostics (i.e. PCR inhibitors, high salt/fat content...)
  • For diagnosis of pathogens present at low levels previously undetectable by current diagnostic techniques.
  • For increasing meta-genomic data by enabling NGS generation of more accurate sequence reads.

This innovative pre-treatment step improves diagnostics of any sample, whether liquid (blood, urine, saliva, milk, water including sea water or sewage water...) or solid (tissues, stools, meat, cheese...), as compared to the use of mechanical or chemical pre-treatments. It enables detection of exceedingly few particles in any biological sample: e.g., the C-Bio-Tech procedure leads to the detection of only one bacterium (1 CFU) in five milliliters of whole blood.

C-Bio-Tech enables a dramatic increase in virus detection. Detection of a variety of viruses at exceedingly low concentration of viral particles has been documented (HBV, HCV, Dengue virus, Hanta virus, Ebolavirus, Influenza, etc). Experimentally, C-Bio-tech enables detection of viral particles at one to two logarithms (10-100 fold dilutions) below conventional testing modalities.