The immediate addressable market is the animal and zoonotic disease diagnostic space, a much-needed area where there is a need for highly sensitive and specific diagnostic techniques for diseases of concern. The established platform developed by C-Bio-Tech is ideally suited for the development of targeted veterinary diagnostics, which still needs full scale validation and submission to the USDA. The attractive feature of the proposal is that the C-Bio technology is a fully validated sample preparation platform applicable to human diseases also, and offers a low-risk option for application to animal disease diagnostics and obtaining a fully licensed product within a relative short period for validation, technology platform formulation and submission with supportive documentation for USDA approval.

The world market for biological sample preparation was approximately $2.9 billion  in 2010. It is predicted that this market should reach over $8.4 billion in 2017, providing for an average of an 18.8% yearly growth rate. BCC Research has calculated an estimated revenue of  $4 billion for the genomic sample preparation market and since about 12% of this market concerns microbiology, C-Bio-Tech has estimated the market targeted by its solutions to at least $500 million in 2017.

C-Bio-Tech has developed several types of supports, including magnetic beads that may capture and enrich all sorts of microorganisms from human, veterinary or environmental samples among others. C-Bio-Tech commercializes different specific sample prep kits dedicated to get ultra-sensitive detection of bacteria and viruses, respectively, C-Bio-CaptoBac, and C-Bio-CaptoVir.