Management Structure and Experience

C-Bio-Tech is now part of the Prince William Science Accelerator (PWSA) located in the heart of Prince William County’s Science and Technology hub at Innovation Park. PWSA is a premier life sciences incubation facility, which features 9 fully built out, commercially available wet labs – the only commercially available wet lab space in Northern Virginia with a 35,600 square feet Class A building offered for small and medium-sized life sciences companies.

Key personnel:

  • Jean-Paul Gonzalez, M.D., PhD: Technology Director, leads all aspects of the project. Dr. Gonzalez led for more than thirty years several laboratory teams for research and diagnostic from various International Institutes and University based structures (e.g. International Network of the Pasteur Institute; Center for Vaccine Development, Mahidol University, Bangkok; Yale Arbovirus Research, Yale University, New Haven; Emerging Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers, Research Institute for Development, Paris). Doctor Gonzalez had the opportunity to work as an expert for National Health Authorities in several countries from Western and Eastern Europe, from West and Central Africa and, South East Asia as well as for international Agencies including, WHO, FAO, UNESCO among others.
  • Leslie Lobel (PhD, MD). Director and Lead for Regulatory Affairs and Commercialization. Dr. Lobel is a virologist and physician at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, and at the Uganda Virus Research, where he leads a research group that studies the evolution of the immune response to serious viral diseases to develop passive therapeutics for infectious diseases, primarily Ebola, Zika and CCHF. He has partnered with both the U.S. military and with colleagues at the Uganda Virus Research Institute with a focus on isolating human monoclonal antibodies from convalesced Ebola and Marburg virus infected patients for therapy in addition, he and his team are working to create a “passive” vaccine with these human monoclonal antibodies,  which would offer immediate protection after exposure.
  • Venkat Rao, Executive Director. Dr. V. Rao is Affiliate Faculty, School of Systems Biology at George Mason University, member of the American Board of Toxicology, Washington D.C. Metro Area. Dr. Venkat Rao is a nationally known expert in the fields of biomedical toxicology, pharmacology, and toxics-informatics with proven experience in the understanding and integration of complex biomedical technologies with information systems-based tools for applications in chemical-biological risk analysis, clinical intelligence, public health, and homeland security. He also develops and implements collaborative research, development and commercialization projects in biological defense technologies and systems with GMU, Parsons, and other private sector technology developers and partnering agencies.
  • Francisco Veas, PhD, as Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder, holds oversight on all prospective developments and experimental studies. Francisco Veas received his PhD on “Comparative Pathology” in 1986 from the Montpellier University. After several experiences in pathology and/or genetic in parasitology, he focused his research on emerging viral diseases, including HIV, Dengue Hantavirus, Hepatitis, Ebola, among others as well as the potential role of HERV in neurological diseases. He set up multiple analytic technologic platforms for nucleic acid sequencing, proteomics, biosafety level laboratories for containment of dangerous agents (BSL2 and BSL3), etc. Dr. Veas brings his expertise on viral Immune-Physiopathology to ApoH-Technologies, which he co-founded with Dr. I. Stefas. He is currently Research Professor at the Montpellier IRD Health Department. He heads the Comparative Molecular Immune-Physiopathology Lab in Montpellier as research director and he is also Deputy Director of the joint research unit 3 from Ministry of Defense. He has been promoting, and or coordinating as principal investigator more than 27 projects funded by national and international agencies (e.g.: ANRS, the French AIDS research agency), Sidaction, CNRS, Fondation pour la Recherche Scientifique, WHO, Region Languedoc Roussillon) including, among others: Ultra-sensitive detection of pathogens discovery (Amazon state, Brazil – IDDEAA project, 2013-15); Early Ebola virus detection for immediate passive immunotherapy treatment (IF-EBOLA – EC action 2014-17). Dr. Veas has been continuously exerted as an expert evaluator of Excellence Research Programs in Infectious Diseases by the NIH (USA), WHO, the French National Research Agency (ANR), the IRD Commission of Biology; the French Business-Supporting Agency OSEO, European Commission, etc. His scientific activities and publications and patents are dedicated to pathogen-host interactions, including innate immunity, viral physiopathology, vaccines and diagnostics.