Company Overview

C-Bio-Tech, after more than ten years of R&D, has set its goal to become the world leader of biological sample treatment solutions on the market of microbial research developed notably within the diagnostics, pharmaceutics and food industries.

C-Bio-Tech developed and owns a novel patented micro-organism isolation technology generally referred to as “C-Bio”, and has developed a novel peptide-based isolation technology generally referred to as “Pep”. The company currently manufactures magnetic beads coated with Peps6 and related reagents (“Products”) to practice the technology, to the the best of its knowledge, enjoying complete freedom to operate.

After years of development C-Bio-Tech accomplished the following major milestones including:

  • Completed experiments for technological platform cross-application for veterinary pathogens of national security and zoonotic diseases
  • Completed technology demonstration and validation for targeted pathogens
  • Completed business case for commercialization
  • Conducted and completed a cross-sectional evaluation for multiple application environments, sample types, geographic locations etc.
  • Began engaging USDA for regulatory submissions to obtain regulatory approval